Lambda School 🎒

Lambda School 🎒

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Below you’ll find a growing list of projects that I’ve worked on and completed at Lambda School. All of the code for everything I’ve been doing for Lambda School can be found on Github.

User Interface I

Great Idea! Website

The first week of Lambda School explored the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. This project incorporated:

The concepts this week weren’t novel to me but I’ve never been tasked with creating a pixel perfect rendition of a website from a mockup. The project was challenging but I really enjoyed the process.

The site is hosted on Netlify here.

Portfolio Website


For this project I created a portfolio website from scratch. This was the first website that we started with a blank slate and wrote every line of HTML and CSS. I really enjoyed the mix of design and code involved in implementing the idea that was in my mind.

There weren’t too many new concepts introduced with this assignment but a preprocessor (LESS) was used so I tried to make liberal use of variables and mixins.

The site is hosted on Netlify here and the code is on Github.

Digital Timer

Digital Timer

Created a functional digital timer using DOM manipulation. Topics for this stretch assignment were:

This was a stretch assignment (to be completed after finishing the actual assignment). It was also the first thing we built that could be manipulated in the browser.

The site is hosted on Netlify here and the code is on Github.

Newspaper Website

Lambda Times Newspaper

This was a sprint challenge completed over a three hour period. The main objective of this project was to implement a component that made it possible to filter a certain articles based on a data tag. Based on our experience the week before, we could have certainly implemented the article cards as well. Given the time sensitive nature of the sprint, though, we just focused on the tabs. In addition, I built a carousel component from scratch to cycle through several images.

The previous week we learned how to use Javascript to make our HTML/CSS static pages dynamic. We learned about the DOM and how to modify HTML elements dynamically. We also learned about events and how to listen for, and act on them. And finally, we learned about component architecture and how to build components that share functionality and styling with many elements.

The site is hosted on Netlify here and the code is on Github.

User Interface Project

S&J Architects

For this project we were given a full week to act as a front end developer at a web development agency and develop a marketing website based on a style guide and a few mock ups.

In addition to testing the HTML, CSS/LESS, and JavaScript skills I developed over the previous eight weeks, time management and working with a project manager were key in completing everything on time.

I completed the MVP early and built out several extra pages for the website, reused several JavaScript components across the new pages, and experimented a little with Vue.js by implementing a Markdown converter in a form field.

Like the portfolio website above, it was very rewarding to start with a blank document, build a HTML scaffold, realize the design with LESS, and then add functionality with JavaScript.

The site is hosted on Netlify here and the code is on Github.

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